The other day with a friend I went to a little sliver of a park right next to the port of Oakland.  It is a natural place tucked away behind 18 wheeler traffic jams and shipping containers piled high like legos stacked to the sky.  The ocean breeze blew across my face and the sun was warm and soft.  We walked and talked as good friends do - listening in turn to the other's stories.  Our intimacy was supported by the waters of the bay, the sand and the spring flowers, and was not separate from the traffic and piles of shipping containers.  There were baby geese in sets of eights with pairs of parents giving us the side eye as we marveled at the downy yellow fluff of the little ones learning to swim.  At the water's edge crabs were playing hide and seek under the rocks and feeding themselves with their oversized claws.  A ferry powered by; waves in the wake washing over the crabs.  The perpetual traffic jam on the Bay Bridge was in view too.   The world is full  - so many lives and stories next to each other, influencing each other, part of each other in the complexities of life.  We are held in this world, even in states of deep aloneness the reality of things is that we are held.  The geese, the crabs, the ferry chugging along and even the traffic jams all exist together.   Life unfolds.  You are a part of it and so am I.

Ashley Sharp