Ashley Sharp

Yoga and Buddha Dharma

Private Consultations

Private Sessions

Cultivate balance and ease with yoga and/or meditation. Private consultations consists of individually tailored practices drawn from the traditions of yoga and insight meditation. I offer individual sessions to empower you in a home practice of yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises.

  • dig into the details of alignment specific to your body
  • develop a sequence for a home practice
  • soothe an anxious mind
  • regulate your moods
  • contact your own innate wisdom
  • cultivate kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity

Sessions may include guided meditation, self-reflection, yoga postures and mindful breath practices all tailored to your needs and interests.
 For more information or to schedule a session, contact me at




Private Meditation

Private mindfulness meditation sessions for those who wish for individual support for meditation.  This is usually done over 5 sessions.  Email for rates or to schedule a session.