Ashley Sharp

Yoga and Buddha Dharma


Thank you so much for Sunday's class at Namaste. I thought I would be applying the friendliness teachings mainly to potty training, but I'm finding it useful everywhere. I just had an unexpected meeting with my husband's first wife. The teachings from class helped me so much to stay calm and FRIENDLY and all went well. This relationship that has been such a difficult place in my life was made so much easier by loving kindness. Thank you!
With gratitude!!!
Kristen - Oakland


Thank you for your lovely classes.  They are doing me a world of good!  As one who has an entrenched self critic in residence, I am deeply appreciative of the sweet balm of the asanas and your gentle, poignant teaching.  And the good humor, especially the good humor!




I'm truly humbled by your guidance, instruction and presence. You held an amazing space for 6 amazing months for the Namaste Yoga teacher Training - thank you from the depths of my heart!
I have so many words of thanks for you… I hope these few convey the scope of my gratitude. The journey was truly beautiful, and I’m so happy to be able to continue learning from you! Thank you for everything!
Meredith - Oakland